About Eurofina Performance

Eurofina was born from an idea a couple mates had when talking about how difficult it is to source quality parts for European cars in New Zealand, without paying an arm and a leg or waiting weeks for shipping.

Between us we've owned a variety of European vehicles - various N54/N55 BMWs, an N63 650i, and a Pirelli Edition VW GTI to name a few - and throughout that time we've established a global network of individuals and companies that we're happy to present to the New Zealand market.

We're just a couple local guys hoping to bring something new to the scene, and curate an awesome environment full of unique, powerful, and personalised European Vehicles.

We're constantly working on developing new products to share with you all, and we're open to all kinds of ideas and suggestions that you fire at us.

We strive to have solid, meaningful, and consistent communication with the community and we invite you all to get involved and interact!