Who are we?

Eurofina was born from two mates discussing how difficult it is to source quality parts for European cars without paying an arm and a leg and waiting weeks for shipping.

Between us, we'd owned a range of European vehicles, from Volkswagens to BMWs, and throughout those years of ownership, we established a global network of individuals and companies that we're happy to present to the New Zealand market.

Not only have we been developing our own branded range, from intercoolers or smoked indicators, but we're proud to announce that we are bringing something to New Zealand that has never before been an option - true European customisation.

Our global network of suppliers spans much of Europe, notably the UK, Spain, & Germany, as well as stretching throughout the USA, & Asia.

From bespoke handmade steering wheels, interior trim pieces, and much more are now within the reach of Kiwi Euro-car enthusiasts.

Keep an eye on our socials as we are often adding unique customisation options to our stocklist, and if you haven't seen or heard us mention something you're looking for in particular, reach out to us and we'll leverage our extensive connections to help you wherever we can.