Who is MHD Tuning?

One of the most well-known tuning options for many BMW platforms.

MHD was the first to offer a mobile solution for tuning these cars.

Simply plug in a compatible Wifi adaptor, connect your Apple or Android device, and have access to a plethora of tuning options at your fingertips.

MHD allows you to apply Off-The-Shelf maps to engines such as N54, N55, S55, B58 and N13, as well as monitor various metrics such as boost and timing, and the ability to upload custom tunes from trusted third party tuners.

We're proud to say we are the ONLY retailer for MHD Universal Adaptors in New Zealand and always have plenty in stock.

Please note that the required software licenses need to be purchased from MHD Directly, but this is something we're looking to provide in the future!