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BMS N55 Intake E-Chassis

BMS N55 Intake E-Chassis

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Gain up to 10+whp along with terrific sound!

Introducing the BMS N55 Performance Intake, designed to offer exceptional performance for your N55 TwinPower engine. This intake system is built to retain all the positive features of your OEM N55 intake system, including its lightweight heat shielding airbox bottom and cold air ducting. However, it replaces the top end of the OEM intake with new high flow ducting and a performance filter that matches your engine's requirements, providing excellent performance gains.

Unlike some other manufacturers that make exaggerated claims about their N55 intake systems, we won't mislead you by saying that replacing the N55 intake will add 25hp+ because we've tested them all and know that they won't. However, during our extensive dyno testing, the BMS N55 Intake has outperformed all other available N55 intake systems, posting gains of up to 10+ horsepower to the wheels. This intake also enhances the sound of your turbo spooling.

Installing the BMS N55 Performance Intake is incredibly easy and can be done in just five minutes by the average enthusiast, right in their driveway. Our proprietary high flow filter is designed to last the lifetime of your car and can be cleaned every 15-20k miles with the oil cleaning kit.


• Adds up to 10+ Horsepower
• Dramatic sound improvement
• Super fast install and removal
• Improves throttle response
• Retains OEM airbox base as a heat shield
• Retains OEM cold air ducting
• Looks great under the hood
• Cleanable and reusable filter
• Made in the USA

Vehicle Fitment

BMW 1 Series
2011-2013 1 Series BMW E82 E88 135i

BMW 3 Series
2011 3 Series BMW E90 Sedan and E91 Touring 335i 335xi
2011-2013 3 Series BMW Coupe, Conv. E92 E93 335i 335xi

BMW X Series
2012-2014 N55 X1

What's included:
(1) Polymer intake tube
(1) Renewable BMS111 filter w/clamp 
(1Billet "claw" bracket
(2) M4 x .70 x 12 Phillips MAF screws
(1) M4 x .70 x 12 Phillips  bracket screw

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