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Delphi Ignition Coil (Set of 8) - N54/N55/S54/S55 + More

Delphi Ignition Coil (Set of 8) - N54/N55/S54/S55 + More

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OEM Delphi ignition coil for N20, N26, N51, N52, N54, N55, N62, S54, and S55 BMW engines. Each cylinder gets its own ignition coil for optimum efficiency. A bad coil will result in misfires, rough running, stumbling, poor fuel economy, loss of performance, and other engine issues. Also, unburnt fuel will shorten the life of catalytic converters and O2 sensors, making for a more expensive repair in the future. Diagnosis of misfires and rough running almost always starts with the ignition coils.

Sold in a set of 8. For individual purchases please contact us.

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