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VRSF 5" Stepped FMIC - F2X/F3X

VRSF 5" Stepped FMIC - F2X/F3X

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PLEASE NOTE: This intercooler is not held in stock, delivery is typically within 2-3 weeks of your order being placed however it may take longer due to freight delays. Please contact us for more info before placing your order if you're unsure.

VRSF F Chassis Performance Intercooler Upgrade Kit

for your 2012 – 2016 BMW 228i, M235i, 328i, 335i, 428i & 435i with the N20, N26 & N55 Engine

Upgrade your BMW's factory intercooler with a VRSF intercooler kit for improved performance on your N20, N26 & N55 engine. Our intercoolers are specifically designed for direct bolt-on installation and offer exceptional quality and performance at an affordable price.

Our proprietary High Density fin pack is a key feature of each VRSF intercooler, resulting in higher horsepower gains compared to other brands. This is due to the incredibly dense internal and external fin pack, engineered to provide greater overall surface area for increased heat absorption and dissipation. With our VRSF intercooler, you can expect improved performance and efficiency from your BMW.

VRSF HD Intercooler Core

The core of an intercooler is the most critical component as it cools down the charged air from the turbo before it enters the engine. The OEM BMW tube and fin intercooler is designed to support low boost levels and air flow, and when there is a significant increase in airflow and boost levels due to tuning, the OEM intercooler experiences heat soak. This can reduce the horsepower and increase the likelihood of pre-detonation.

To address this issue, we have developed our proprietary high-density bar and plate intercooler core. This core utilizes a staggered and offset internal and external fin pack and has been carefully balanced to deliver the best intake temperature reduction with minimal pressure drop. Compared to the OEM tube and fin core, the VRSF HD core is much more durable and can better withstand debris such as rocks.

The VRSF 5″ Performance HD & 6.5″ Competition HD Intercoolers are comprised of an incredibly dense fin pack both internally and externally. It’s not uncommon to see intake temperatures drop at the end of a 3rd gear pull due to the larger overall internal and external surface area. You can expect to see an intake temperature reduction on a stock turbo, full bolt on car during a 3rd gear pull which is why the VRSF HD is THE best option for your N55. Please note that the HD fin pack is now standard at no extra charge! The VRSF 5″ Performance HD is capable of supporting up to 600whp whereas the 6.5″ Competition HD is capable of supporting up to 800whp.

Installation & Construction

We include everything required to replace the OEM intercooler. All VRSF intercoolers feature tabs that allow the retention of the factory fan shroud and our CFD optimized cast end tanks are designed to work with both the OEM intercooler piping as well as any aftermarket charge pipe that adapts to the OEM FMIC. After each intercooler is pressure tested, we then apply a thermal dispersant coating which ensure a leak free experience along with superior protection against the elements. Our intercoolers fit both Left Hand Drive (LHD) & Right Hand Drive (RHD) Models as well as all XI models.


  • Proprietary VRSF HD bar & plate core.
  • CFD optimized cast end tanks.
  • 87% larger than the OEM intercooler.
  • Quick and easy install (less than 1.5 hours)
  • Compatible with both OEM and aftermarket charge pipes.
  • Thermal heat dispersent for added durability.

This item fits the following N20, N26, N47 & N55 BMWs:

2012 – 2018 F30/F31/F36 BMW 320i & 320xi / 328i & 328xi / 335i & 335xi (Also Fits 316i, 316d, 318d, 320d, 325d, 330d, 335d)
2012 – 2018 F32/F33 BMW 428i & 428xi / 435i & 435xi (Also Fits 420i, 420d, 425d, 430d, 435d)
2014 – 2018 F22/F23 BMW 228i & 228xi / M235i & M235xi (Also Fits 220i, 218d, 220d, 225d)
2012 – 2018 F20/F21 BMW 114i / 116i / 118i / 125i / M135i / 114d / 116d / 118d / 120d / 125d
2016 – 2019 F87 BMW M2

Note: F23/F33 are limited to 5″ Street Only.

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